Elevating work platform
for workshop & other applications

The Elevating Work Platform (EWP) is a custom-designed work platform fitted to an existing or new pit. Using an innovative design based on the reliable cable suspension system the platform is hydraulically driven and controlled by a hand-held remote.
Elevating Work Platform (EWP)

Design & Installation

Platforms are designed to suit each application specifically and uniquely. Unlimited design options available. Accessories are designed or adapted to suit individual workshop applications. Simple operation requires minimal training with no special certifications.


Easy access to pit base via built-in drop-down ladder which also acts as a safety prop. Simple maintenance schedule with parts readily available at most electrical, hydraulic and other suppliers. Manuals are supplied with each pit to allow for in-house routine maintenance.

Pit Accessories Available

  • Gearbox Trolley Jack
  • Mobile Steps
  • Removable Bridge

and more…

Elevating Work Platform (EWP) - Hand-Held Remote

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  • Quick access to vehicle undercarriage.
  • Reduces fleet downtime as service crew can access vehicle at different levels simultaneously.
  • Even while working, platform adjusts quickly to ideal height using hand-held remote.
  • Platform easily accommodates tool boxes and other equipment needed by mechanic during work flow.

Cost Efficient

  • Low maintenance with readily available components.
  • Simple to operate with minimal training.
  • No certification required for in-house maintenance.
  • Long life span, very economical to recondition.

Reduce Workplace Hazards

  • Pit remains safely covered at ground level when not in use.
  • No obstructive equipment needed for platform operation, reducing trip hazards.
  • No jacks or stands required eliminating collapse hazards.
  • Heavy and awkward machinery stays safely on the ground.
EWT America LLC - Evolving Workshop Technologies - Elevating Work Platform (EWP)

Improve Mechanic Posture and Comfort

  • Variable height adjustment to suit undercarriage of virtually any vehicle and mechanic.
  • Prevents worker strain/fatigue injuries and discomfort.
  • Improves facilities and conditions attracting staff and boosting retention.


  • Suits any fleet types including those with large variation of vehicle type, size and height.
  • Suits forklifts, lawn mowers, dump trucks, mining machinery, semi trucks and trailers and more.
  • Increases workshop floor space when pit is not in use.
  • Each EWP is designed and engineered to suit each workplace and their requirements.

Safe and Reliable

  • Multiple safety features within the cabling, hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Comprehensively tested in various workplace environments.
EWT America LLC - Evolving Workshop Technologies - Elevating Work Platform (EWP)


The EWP is based on a hydraulic-driven cable suspension system. Each EWP is custom-designed and engineer-certified.

Maximum Platform Working Load: 1 ton (2000#)
Platform flooring: steel flat plate or grated material.
Platform frame height: standard 8 inches / slimline 5 inches.
Fabricated components: all surface treated.
EWP travel time unloaded (approx): 15 secs up/20 secs down.
Personnel access panels: 2 in platform floor to access pit base under EWP.
Access ladders: 2 swing-down ladders, built into underside of platform frame.
Electrical control panel: 240V AC single phase 33.75A includes radio remote receiver, emergency stop, isolation switch, alternate controls for EWP.
Auto-activated switch circuit (activated by EWP): 3 relays available as standard. Utilized for lighting, ventilation fan etc.
Hydraulic pump: 240V 23A positioned next to control panel.
Hand-held radio transmitter: Planna NBB (AS Category III, powered by 2 x AA batteries) or TeleRadio (AS Category II, powered by 3 x AAA batteries)


Electrical: Circuitry designed and built to US Category 4PLe and SIL 3 which dictates high quality components and emergency deactivation.
Hydraulic: Counter-balance valve on the hydraulic cylinder prevents platform from descending should a hydraulic hose fail. Valve also prevents hydraulic creeping.
Working load limit (WLL): If platform WL is exceeded, a controlled gradual descent of the platform is initiated to a height more appropriate to the load.
Activation of platform: Accidental activation of the platform is prevented due to the dual control circuitry (2 switches need to be pressed and held simultaneously).
Platform obstructions:

  1. Rope tension switches activate if any restriction is detected during platform descent eg objects in pit base.
  2. Photo electric sensors detect presence of objects protruding past platform edge during ascent (optional).

Radio interference: If detected, the transmitter and receiver will automatically switch radio channels (AS CAT III) or deactivate platform (AS CAT II).
Alarms: Two (2) alarms are activated when the hydraulic platform system is in use; an audible alarm and a flashing light.
All systems need to be operational for the platform to move.

Our Company

EWT America L.L.C. is a privately-owned company located in the United States of America. Founded by Stephen Gardner, a long-time farmer and mechanic. When an opportunity to build a new shop from the ground up came along, an in-floor service pit was high on the list of equipment. The problem with a service pit is, it’s a gaping hole in the floor to work around. Accessing the pit requires steps that put the mechanic at a predetermined depth which is seldom the best depth to fit the mechanic and equipment. While researching options for the pit, Hew McDonald at Evolving Workshop Technologies in Australia was contacted. After looking at his Elevating Work Platform (EWP) we decided to install one in our new shop. The (EWP) removes the unneeded hole in the floor until you need it. It also works with a remote control putting the mechanic at the optimum working depth. Seeing how this (EWP) can make a shop safer and more productive at the same time, we decided to work with Hew McDonald and bring his patented product to the US and Canada.

Elevating Work Platform (EWP)


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